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Brett Coupland is a music producer and engineer...

Brett Coupland produced Rude Rides Again, Australian humour music, Comedy through EMI in 1986, with Rodney Rude and Mick Williams.

Brett Coupland produced Will Scarlet's - Wanted It That Way. Recorded at Big Rock Studios, Will Scarlet was produced by Chris Turner and Brett Coupland, the album is a blues meets country blend. Players included:  Ian Lees, Rudy Miranda, Pete Kekel and Chris Turner. Guests include: Pixie Jenkins and Ted Pepper. The title track "Wanted it That Way" was written for the album by Jimmy Barnes.

Live at the Big Kahuna was recorded by Brett Coupland, the material is a mix of old blues tracks.

Brett engineered the single vinyl record Til Love Makes Me Cry (A-side) for Newcastle Australia based band Raiding Party in 1990. The track was recorded at Col Joy's studio in Sydney. The single was produced and remixed by Mark S Berry, engineered by Brett Coupland and mastered by Mike Papas. Til Love makes me cry was written by James Davis with credits to Raiding Party members, the cost of this single was over $10,000 AUD. The B side of the single No Retreat was recorded live at the Castle Tavern King Street Newcastle in April 1990. No Retreat was written by Ian Sandercoe in 1987, with credits to Raiding Party members in 1988.

Australian based guitarist and producer Chris Turner's current album was produced by Chris Turner and Brett Coupland in 2000 at Big Rock.

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Till Love Makes Me Cry

A-side of the single vinyl
record recorded by
Raiding Party
Engineered by Brett Coupland in 1990